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  • Decorating the Christmas tree and the home is a cherished holiday tradition around the world. These beautiful wood ornaments enhance this important time of the year, building on family traditions passed along from generation to generation.


    These heirloom ornaments are handmade from solid wood that is carefully selected from our rural property in Quebec and from respected local wood suppliers. The types of woods range from hardwoods to softwoods and include maple, birch and spruce, amongst other wood types.


    Each ornament is carefully turned on our vintage wood lathe in forms inspired by traditional ornament forms and forms inspired by the grain and unique coloration patterns of the wood.


    Then each one is spray-finished with multiple coats of ultra-clear, environmentally friendly, water-based acrylic lacquer that both highlights the character of the wood and provides a durable, shiny finish. A small gold-coloured screw eye is installed in the top of each ornament and a gold-coloured decorative wire hanger is also included.


    Because each ornament is unique in its form and size, each is listed separately in the drop-down menu under “Wood Type (Type de bois)” and only one item is available for each selection. The height of the wood body of each item is listed in mm next to the selection in this menu. The gold-coloured screw eye is about 10 mm in diameter and the supplied gold-coloured decorative wire hanger is about 51 mm in height.


    Individual ornaments weigh between 1/2 and 2 ounces.


    Some slight variations in shape might occur because each ornament is individually turned by hand on our lathe.


    Please note that there may be other grain patterns on the wood that are not shown in the single photo of each.


    Our best wishes of the season and for your enjoyment of this beautiful ornament!

    Festive Christmas Ornaments - Group 1

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