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Patricia Scarr, her husband, Peter Dorrins, and all of their critters live in the Laurentian Mountains to the west of Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. Independently and jointly, they create and produce Fine Art and Artisanal Products. Patricia is the Fine Art part of the equation and Peter is on the Artisanal Product side of things, with joint efforts in the overlapping of these domains. Patricia and Peter hope that you will enjoy the products offered.

Patricia Scarr, Canadian Artist who is  a sculptor and painter in realism and abtract styles

Patricia Scarr 

Canadian Artist


​Patricia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from University of Manitoba in 1982.  In the late 80’s she attended the Alberta College of Art and, in 1992 she attended the bronze foundry courses at Red Deer College.  Since then, she has continued to develop and expand her use of different mediums and techniques through field research, studio experimentation, and workshops with renowned artists.


She sculpts in bronze, clays, cement, resins and paper.  She works in watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, acrylic collage and monoprints and with stained glass.  No matter what the subject, she is adept at manipulating the medium to express her interpretation.   Her art originates from her strong imagination, keen observation skills, and strong sense of design.   A sound knowledge base in human and animal physiology and behaviour enables her to create visually beautiful yet complex works of art.


Patricia’s earlier sculptures and ongoing bronze commissions are referential in subject, with focus being the capturing of emotion, intent, movement, and interactions between animals and people.  Her current bodies of paintings are abstract.  These pieces, created in groups, focus on the interrelationships between form, space, colour and value.  As you view each group you will explore how the dominant and supportive elements change positions within the paintings, and respond to this in ways unique to you.

Also, she is working on some literary efforts, including the illustration of her books.

Patricia’s pieces can be found in private collections in North America and Europe.  Patricia has exhibited her works in juried exhibitions and in galleries in Canada and the USA, and currently exhibits at her studio open house each spring.

Peter Dorrins, Canadian Artisan working in wood and metal

Peter Dorrins

Canadian Artisan


Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Science (honours) degree in Geology from the University of Manitoba in 1980.  Since that time, Peter has worked for and led publicly traded and private companies in the energy and natural resource sectors worldwide, and currently operates a consulting business in these sectors.

Always having a strong interest in science and nature throughout his life, not to mention just trying to work out how things tick, he has a natural penchant for inventing and designing things and building useful items out of wood, stone and steel, and has developed and honed skills in many aspects of their transformation into useful and esthetically pleasing objects. 


A lot of the time, the driving factors for him in creating the items are the offshoots of a personal need or desire for an item or his recognition of a general need or desire by family, friends, acquaintances and the general public or a request being made or simply just to have fun. Oftentimes such requests are made by Patricia, “Peter, could you make me this…?”.


In woodworking in particular, the beauty and essence of various grain patterns and colorations in various wood types are inspiring to Peter in his designing and developing shapes or forms of the wood to highlight and incorporate these in the objects being created.


With respect to metal, the design, creation and fabrication of many items interests him. Being much more than simply staring at the small pool of molten metal through a welding helmet’s window as a weld is being created,  it incudes the creation of strong joints in the metal as well as bending and forming diverse shapes, similar to the case of working with wood.


As to stone, the use of or the incorporation of it in some designs interests him because it is a natural product from our planet and, because Peter is a geologist, he has a strong interest in all things rock, stone and minerals.

Peter's pieces are being used or are in private collections across Canada.

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