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How to Purchase Sculptures

This is a summary of how to purchase this distinct art form.

Process to Purchase a Sculpture


Sculptures are made one at a time.  This applies to all the kinds of sculptures whether cast in bronze, Winterstone, cement, acrylic polymers, or other metals.  This applies to all sculptures hand-built as well in materials such as paper cement composites, acrylic polymers, glass, welded metals and resins.

If a sculpture you want is listed as available, then it can be purchased and shipped quickly to you.


BRONZE:  If a sculpture is an active edition still being cast, the next numbered piece to be made will be listed beside the photo.  If you wish to purchase that sculpture a 50% deposit of the listed price of the piece is required to secure it.  Once payment is received, Pat creates the wax and then transports it to the bronze foundry.  It takes about 2 months for the foundry to complete casting into bronze.  It will take another week for Pat to finish fine details in the metal and apply a patina.  It takes 1 week for a wooden base to be made and finished correctly.  After the bronze is secured to the base photos are taken and sent to you.  The second half of payment is then due, along with shipping and shipping insurance.

It is a long process for a bronze but they are magnificent.

The farthest we have shipped a bronze was to London, England with no problems along the way.

OTHER MEDIUMS:  All other kinds of sculpture are made in Pat’s studio.  If you decide to purchase a sculpture from an open edition, then it is signed but not numbered.  If listed as available, it can be shipped quickly to you.  If it is listed as available to order then it must be created.  Just like the bronze, a 50% deposit is required before the sculpture is made.

Cast pieces take 5 weeks to complete including the curing times needed for various mediums, the application of the finish and fabrication of the base where needed.  Each piece may be finished earlier if it is a simple piece and that would be discussed with the buyer on case-by-case basis.

PORTRAITURE: Sculptural portraits are a step-by-step adventure.  Each commission is discussed in detail with the client.  Please refer to "Portraits" on our FAQ page for how this is done.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the information presented, please contact Pat via our Contact page.

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